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Algorithm Conference 2020

Algorithm Conference 2020

Algorithms have found their way into practically every aspect of our lives. Wheree’er you look, howe’er you range, algorithms are hard to miss. Increasingly being deployed to guide you along.

Algorithm Conference 2020 will bring you 3 days of high-level workshops and presentations that show how algorithms have been shaping and will continue to shape every aspect of our lives. Special consideration will be given to sessions that highlight innovative technical and commercial developments in big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies, their ethical and privacy implications, and how they impact and are impacted by public policies.

Researchers from the academia, developers and technical managers from startups and established companies will be on hand to share insights on the current state of development in big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies, and their future trajectories. Those overseeing the rollout of these technologies on the management side and people involved in influencing and advising policy makers will also be on hand to share their insights.

Algorithm Conference 2020 will take place at the Thompson Conference Center and the LBJ Presidential Library on the University of Texas at Austin campus.?

  16-Jul-2020 - 10:00 AM

  18-Jul-2020 - 6:00 PM

  LBJ Presidential Library, Red River Street, Austin, TX, USA

  Austin, TX, United States

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