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The ABEY Foundation today announced the cooperation with crypto-exchange ZBX.

The ABEY Foundation today announced the cooperation with crypto-exchange ZBX.

ZBX will be another exchange to list the ABEY token and one of the major exchanges for ABEY to be traded on.

This underscores the Foundation's ambition to have ABEY play a powerful role in the technological processing of crypto-payments and, in time, prove to be the protocol of choice for e-commerce. It is no coincidence that the listing of the token will be carried out in cooperation with the Malta-based exchange ZBX. According to ZBX, the listing on a regulated exchange guarantees users maximum security and peace of mind. Furthermore, ZBX is a brand that enjoys an excellent reputation and market penetration, especially in Asia. The ABEY Foundation also sees great potential in Asia in connection to crypto payments and e-commerce services. Listing on such an exchange is considered to be a logical step towards widening and deepening the awareness for a young, but highly-promising blockchain technology, according to a spokesperson from the ABEY Foundation.

The token with the abbreviation ABEY is the native digital asset in the blockchain maintained by the ABEY Foundation and its trustees. A strong R&D team backed up by developers, researchers and scientists from academia are continuously focused on improving the technology and building upon it, and results are starting to show.

The ethos of the ABEY Foundation is achieving progress through natural evolution of blockchain technology: from speed of transactions, to programmable smart-contracts, to high-performance heterogeneous designs that empower the future of e-commerce with high-speed, reliable native blockchain-processing. The combination of the above, alongside on-chain payment processing support with refundable transactions, affiliate referral support and a multi-layered approach to its underlying technology, make ABEY “a complex, hybrid blockchain in terms of interoperability”, has said Dr. Pungila, on behalf of the ABEY Foundation. The Advanced Blockchain for Enhanced Yields (ABEY) project will be made fully open source and available on GitHub


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Philipp Sauerborn, CEO of aPay Sytems, a licensee of the ABEY Foundation’s blockchain technology, confirms what is possible with the technology: "As a payment services provider, we benefit particularly from ABEY’s underlying core technology here at aPay Systems. Not only do we have a high performance, scalable approach to achieving e-commerce, but through cross-chain interoperability we can offer our users the flexibility of actively using crypto currencies, that so many people are looking for today".


Early in spring of 2020, the token will be available for trading at ZBX. It can be exchanged inside ZBX for both crypto and fiat, namely BTC, ETH and the EURO.

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