CoinKeeper is coming as a silver sponsor at World Blockchain Summit, Bangkok.

CoinKeeper is coming as a silver sponsor at World Blockchain Summit, Bangkok.

Anyone can have dreams of doing and achieving great things in life, and a chance to discover your potential. And while society might work to dismiss us as pure noise, there is a group of incredible Vietnamese people who hold tight to a vision of a better life. They are a Start-Up with an amazing project that is striving to change the world. Their project will be officially introduced and is honored to receive 10,000 USD from CoinKeeper by CEO Matthew Adamski at the upcoming World Blockchain Summit on the 1st and 2nd  December, 2019.

- So what is their project?

It is a global blood-sharing venture and social network where everyone can either become a blood donor or a receiver who seeks for compatible blood types to pair as well as exchange on a case-by-case basis. 


By becoming a part of this community as a permanent blood-sharing hero, you will receive countless health care values from health experts. Based on your health situation, they will directly give you the best guidance including workout schedule and training program. Your inspirational story on the hero’s journey of blood sharing will be spread across the globe as a heartfelt thanks to you from people you help and share.

Last but not least, if the risks of having your personal information stolen or misused are what you are concerned about, this application doesn’t ask anything relating to your personal information, including your name or personal contact. 

That application is called BloodBook - Blood sharing network. Integrated with Blockchain technology, BloodBook will soon open a donation program on CoinKeeper on the 2nd of December , 2019 through the NCO (Non-profit Coin Offering) program at CoinKeeper. After opening the auction program on the Coinkeeper exchange, the value of these donation packages will increase and eventually be used to support the BloodBook community.

The spirit of BloodBook will be shared by BloodBook CEO Tina Hoai to many countries all over the world.

The amount of USD 10,000 from CoinKeeper's CEO Matthew Adamski will be used to open the first BloodBook representative office in Vietnam.

Let's get ready for the upcoming event in Bangkok, Thailand on the 1st – 2nd of December at World Blockchain Summit and on the 4th – 5th December at Affiliate World.


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