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Last week 32 CEOs gathered in the first-ever training meeting for the Validator Nodes of the Blockchain. The meeting was very eventful and we are happy to share with you all some very exciting news:

  1. Commercio is the first Cosmos project to win BlockIS in Istanbul.
  2. Commercio announces the launch of MainNet 6000 with Security Audit patches in Version 2.0 Final.
  3. Official preview of the book "Developing Apps on the Blockchain" by Enrico Talin, Egidio Casati and Davide Coletto.
  4. Enrico, Egidio, Davide and Antonio Lanza have summarized the strategy of that now aims at 100 validator nodes and 100K IT companies in Europe using the framework. Srl participated at the Blockchain Month Venice.

Enrico Talin - CEO of Commercio - participated as a lecturer at the Blockchain Month Venice Master to explain to 140 future entrepreneurs the importance of blockchain technology and the opportunities that the document blockchain can offer for the financing of invoices. The event was organized by PDC Academy, a training and consulting company for the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain sector.

Borsellino: the multi-platform and multichain wallet for Cosmos projects. Srl has decided to focus exclusively on tools for developers. We have released 8 blockchain development tools that allow any developer to create blockchain applications, saving more time and money compared to the traditional way with the 4 most popular languages in the enterprise world. Borsellino is the first multi-chain, easy-to-use and multiplatform Cosmos Hub wallet. Entirely made with Flutter, it fetches the data about the supported chains from a remote source, which makes adding a new supported chain much easier. The alpha version is a pre-release of this multichain, multi-platform Open Source MIT licensed Wallet. This project was born as's entry at the HackAtom Seoul 2019. Any contribution from Dart and Flutter developers is welcome on Github.

Commercio Consortium appoints Antonio Lanza as Membership Manager.

Antonio Lanza is in charge of promoting the consortium by taking care of the development of the network of Validators nodes. Antonio is a founding member of Srl and CEO ofLeanOffice. We are extremely happy to have him as a precious member of our team and we want to thank him for the amazing job he is doing in promoting our project.

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